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Those are people who just want everything ... you cant just have everything.

Morpheus would say:
Take red pill and have satisfying difficiulty experience ...
Take blue pill and have party of 6 ...

Sure, you can try to snatch both pills, cursh them to dust and snort them (seen that meme?) ... but then you will die, bcs drugs are bad and have neither. :P laugh

We just have to pick ...
You are equating wanting a specific function/feature with wanting "everything". what is being asked for is not 'Everything'. It is in fact quite a small request in comparison to the totality of what even just the people on this forum have requested.
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I mean, Larian dont really need to do anything (and quite honestly, there is no signal that they would, so ... nothing is probably whats going to happen).
Its we who want something beyond what we were offered ... and we therefore should also be willing to take step back and accept compromise.

Larian doesn't need to do anything. However, they are marketing a product. As such, they are subject to some pressure based on the wishes and desires of the consumers, us. That gives the community some leverage. And given that this has been an open beta for quite a long time, it is clear that they are indeed looking for feedback from the community at large on what works, what doesn't, and what we would like to see.
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To me, compromise that i (and i know im not alone on this forum) am totally willing to accept, is that game ballance would be thrown out of window, just so Larian have as little extra work with this extra feature as possible.

I am always confused by this line of argument. Balance in single player games like BG are fairly non-existent. Yes, they want to provide a challenge, but given the vast number of variables in game ranging from player skill to party composition, to items collected to experience gathered, balance is little more than a shot in the dark. More accurately, it is a general set of guardrails the outside of which are impossibly tough on one side and a cakewalk on the other.

But the gap between those two is VAST. You take any game today and you will find players for whom some sections are difficult in the extreme, yet those same sections are quite easy for others. I think that some players wave the flag of "Balance" around without understanding what it means, merely because they see it as a barrier to entry for something that they personally are against.

I suspect that that, assuming Larian doesn't increase party size (which I suspect that they won't, more is the shame) it will be more a function of internal business decision rather than any complexity driven by 'difficulty' or 'balance' issues. Just my opinion.

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