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You are equating wanting a specific function/feature with wanting "everything".
Nah im not ... you just need to read whole post rather than pick single word an focusing solely on it, ignoring everything else.
In this context there are two things in our set ...wanting them both = wanting everything in said set ...

But you know what? Whatever ... both ... happy?
Just replace the word, everything else stays the same ... the point, the argument, hells even rest of sentences remains unchanged. laugh

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they are marketing a product. As such, they are subject to some pressure based on the wishes and desires of the consumers, us. That gives the community some leverage.
I wouldnt say so ...
There was strong request to make this game at least optional RTWP ... lately there was this one topic where someone demanded to make this game open world action RPG.
No matter how strongly they woukd want it, no matter how many people would want it ... none of this is going to happen.

I know what some people would think when they read this tho "but Rag those are so much bigger changes" ... and it may seem like true.

The problem is we dont really know how much work would be behind raising our party limit ...
Sure, there is mod that allows it, and in that mod its just question of changing single value ... but then there are bugs, your extra companions die out of nowhere, they are concidered absent during dialogues, there are cliping issues ... and much more.
Mod have that luxury that people who are using it usualy count (or they should at least) with problems, bcs they essentialy are breaking the game ... if Larian would make it official, they would need to adress theese issues.

I mean ...
Larian keep talking about amount of permutations they have in dialogues ...
Problem with permutations is: They grow exponencially!
When you have 4 conpanions and they all can return value true/false ... you have 2 options on 4 positions ... that is if i remember corectly 2^4 ... wich would be if i count corectly ... 16 outcomes ...
Adding another party member qould then make it 2^5 ... 32 ... thats no small addition is it? Ofc not, its double.
Adding another party member would make it 2^6 ... 64 ... quadruple possible outcomes.

Now hold your horses people ... im fully aware that in our case (in pc game) most of those outcomes would lead to exactly same result ... so its not *that* crazy ...
And yes, im also aware that this dont really add anythin else, bcs you need to have that outcome included if said follower is present in different party of 4 ...
The point here is to visualize in sinple math example that adding single vlmalue can potentialy mean A LOT of additional work. wink

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And given that this has been an open beta for quite a long time, it is clear that they are indeed looking for feedback from the community at large on what works, what doesn't, and what we would like to see.
On that we agree.

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