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Nah im not ... you just need to read whole post rather than pick single word an focusing solely on it, ignoring everything else.
In this context there are two things in our set ...wanting them both = wanting everything in said set ...

I suppose we can agree to disagree.
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I wouldnt say so ...There was strong request to make this game at least optional RTWP ...

I said some pressure. Not that they are required in any way to make any changes, merely that they are going to listen to what is being said and make decisions based on how much impact that will have on their developments. RTWP was never (to my understanding) any part of the core design. And implementing is likely to be a HUGE departure. I can totally see them not making that big a change, particularly once development and the core engine was established. Even early on, that would have been a huge ask.

But again, not gonna argue with you. We can agree to disagree.