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The only time you have a party of two is after the nautiloid for a grand total of 10 minutes. You can choose to continue with a party of 2, but why would you when the game has been designed around 4? I understand that this case is a self imposed challenge that only a few person make conscientiously, and therefore it doesn't represent what BG3 is.
That's the point. Currently, you can choose to continue with a party of 2 (or 1, or 3), resulting in an unbalanced experience / self-imposed challenge. Why not 6?
Yup. Exactly. But apparently logic is not @snowram's thing.

If people can CHOOSE to play with a smaller party than intended, why not also be able to choose to play with a larger party than intended? It is EXACTLY the same thing. Anyone who cannot understand and appreciate this very simple point is clearly incapable of following basic logic.