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You don't understand the conjunctive and the problem
Indeed ... why dont you explain it then?

I know it not as easy and covenient as simply state that nobody understands you ... but lets try.

Who tricked you?
And how?

Bcs right now it seem like you just dont know what you want ...
You purposefully turn on option that makes your game easier ... you even get warned about it ... and them complains that game is easier. O_o
That just dont make any sense to me.

Order vegan salad ... and be mad you didnt get steak.
Put your limb in fire ... and complain it burns.
Shove your enwmy down the cliff ... and complain that encounter is not tactical enough.
Stealth around whole army in turn based mode ... and be mad you can stealth around whole army.
Rest after each combat ... and complain that you cam rest too often.
Learn all spells with your Wizard ... and complain that there is no point in having Cleric in your party.

All the same situations in my eyes.

I see no trickery there ...
Just people refusing to accept consequences of their own stupid decisions. :-/

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Maybe Picard would have, he knew the people. smile
Maybe ...
I dunno, never watched Star Trek for long ...

Doctor on the other hand, spend litterally several lifetimes among Humans and never understand them fully. smile

In the words of the senior NCO instructor at cadet battalion:
“If you ain’t cheating you ain’t trying. And if you got caught you didn’t try hard enough!”