To which I would like to add to this fine post, the game already has a VERY LOW count of playable characters compared to all the other Baldur's Gate game. Making switching them around to get good class variation and builds, frankly, very boring very fast with a party of 4.
Nothing like having 6 in the party; offers so much more variation. And since we do not have the high number of NPCs to support this, well like the poster says we NEED more options for a custom party of 6.

In the end of it, after 20+ play through, what will hold the game together isn't the story. Its the gameplay.

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It just reminded me of the bowl of goat's milk that old Winthrop used to put outside his door every evening for the dust demons. He said the dust demons could never resist goat's milk, and that they would always drink themselves into a stupor and then be too tired to enter his room..