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There is a poll currently running here https://strawpoll.com/polls/QrgebPVDjZp if anyone hasnt seen it through the BG3 subreddit , you might as well cast your vote too.

I am obviously on the up to 6 characters party boat.
Voted, but man, even if the 6-slots party option is winning, seeing their overall reaction to an attempt to discuss the topic is a daily reminder of how much the subreddit stinks.

Agreed, but discussion aside i was at least able to get more votes in and see what even more people think about it.
Yes the level of arguments when its something they dont like is weirdly defensive for absolutely no reason (like they own part of larian or something lmfao).
But since the subreddit is a bigger community i guess its a better reflection of whats going on (discussion wise) on a greater scale than our lil community here.