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"Caucasian" Human or "Caucasian" Elf? The reason I ask is because - unique features aside (e.g., the eyes and ears) - the overwhelming majority of Elves are modeled after real-world humans of European descent. Anyhow, I wonder if this attempt by L was designed to incorporate elements of her Baldur's Gate depiction.
The four most common elven varieties don't quite fall into categories that can neatly be described as 'Caucasian' Moon/Silver elves are probably the closest, though they also trend towards extremely albino-like paleness like Asterion. Sun/Gold Elves like Kahga are described as 'Bronze-skinned' which is not usually a descriptor applied to Caucasian skin, and Wood Elves have a wide range, including what could be described as Caucasian and darker complexions that probably would not. likely because of their ancestry IIRC coming from Sylvan/Green elves and Moon/Silver elves. Drow of course are Drow.

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Well, Jaheira is a half elf, and her human half is presumably Tethyran (if that’s the right adjective), so even if her elven parent were pale that could explain her more olive complexion in her BG1&2 pics. Assuming she has one elven and one human parent, and not two half elves. I’m not sure if we know?
Well, IIRC Tethyr's elves are mostly Wood Elves, which often have darker complexions themselves, so someone with Tethyrian/Wood Elven descent being darker skinned would be quite plausible.

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…perhaps more disappointing IMO, they seem to made her pretty unambiguously caucasian , which isn't really something I would expect to see happen in a modern game coming out in 2023...

Is there something wrong with Jaheira being unambiguously caucasian? Sorry I’m trying to understand the context of your statement, would you mind clarifying?

Does her background state her human heritage wasn’t caucasian?

She's from Tethyr. Tethyr is the country between Calimshan and Amn and is somewhat analogous to Moorish Spain. As to what Thethyrians look like, 'blue eyes, dusky skin and brown hair' is the description of what the average Thethyrian looks like. Which accurately describes her BG II portrait which Larian based her BG III appearance off of. I guess Larian saw her blue eyes in her old portrait and just thought 'She must be Caucasian'?

Funny how looks are in the eyes of the beholder. I've always seen her Bg2 portrait as a fair skinned (albeit it with a mild tan) blye eyed blonde. Her Bg1 portrait on the other hand looks more mediterranean to me.