I'm not sure where you are going with your comment? I think both of us clearly understand that from our comments...that there is no such thing as a literal 'Caucasian' in the Realms....but there are analogues to various RL ethnicities and cultures, even if those associations are somewhat loose in places.

As to elven aging, from what I have gathered from some author's writings, Elves very much embody youthful vigor and energy physically. They don't get bowed with age or wrinkles on their face etc until they are very close to death, and elven 'death by old age' is almost as much a matter of willpower as it is physical limits. That is to say, Ennui invites the call of Avandor.

Physical effects if/and when they manifest are similar to humans. Though in drow there's some mention of sexual dimorphism with women's hair yellowing and men's greying with extreme age.