I like all the rings, twists, feathers, beads, etc in the hair and beards in the BG2 portraits (I think only Mazzy and Valygar actually have what look like proper dreadlocks?). If all you've got to bring a unique character to life is a face shot, then I figure you may as well add some detail and interest. Plus I had a similar beaded, semi-dreaded hairstyle myself in the earlier 90s, so perhaps it was all the rage when the artist was forming their aesthetic sensibilities ... or just the fashion in Faerun in the late 1300s!

As to the elven look in BG3, and with apologies if I already said this earlier in this thread, I never really agreed with the posters who objected to the elven male pics. I think the full-elf males look rather odd, sure, but in a way that feels plausible for elves. Even the big-jawed one in the original post, which is the one I like least, can sort of work with the right hairstyle. The male half-elves are generally prettier, I agree, except for the one that I think looks more like a half-orc, but isn't that the lore and some of the rationale for the +2 charisma, ie that the combination of elves and humans is more attractive than each race separately?

I do have problems with the female elves, who I agree mainly don't look particularly elven to me. But since they added one new face that I like in a later patch, the situation has improved somewhat. I like the female half-elves even less, and while I've found a hair/face combo for most of my BG3 character concepts I can't get a female half-elf I'm happy with. I do think that part of my problem with the female half-elves is that I find too many of the hairstyles I'd otherwise like to use for them clip through the ears which I find unbearable. Sometimes I think I don't like a face on my character then see it with a particular hairdo and change my mind, but when so many of the hairstyles are unusable that's far less likely to happen.

Though of course choices for all elven subraces and genders wouldn't be welcome. And I do hope that at the very least Larian will make (slightly morphed for racial appropriateness) versions of more of the existing faces available for different races. I think the KT faces mod that has a number of tweaked versions of various faces show this is a relatively low cost way for Larian to give us more choice. Though I hope they'll not only do that!

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