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Yes and we have been over this time and time again. Just let the game be as it is now, but let me choose to have 2 more companions. They don't need to rebalance the game. just a disclaimer that let's you know that the core experience is balanced around 4.

Newcomers to the forums understandably want the opportunity to give their views, and might want a chat about options and pros and cons that doesn't involve them reading through 109 pages of feedback. So from my perspective it's perfectly okay to talk about this again as a new conversation with new people, but I'd recommend just giving it a miss if you feel you're saying the same thing over and over again and aren't getting anything new from the discussion.

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You do realize that if they allowed for a 6 person party it would mean that the ones who prefer 4 also would get what they want? As it is now, only the ones who prefer 4 gets full enjoyment out of the game. That is why it's objectively stupid.

But while it can make sense to have a chat about whether a four person limit is desirable, it seems unproductive to debate whether it's stupid. Particularly as someone could easily think it's not stupid but is undesirable, but the other way around is unlikely. So two people who both wanted six person parties could still disagree about whether a four person limit was stupid! Personally, I'd rather have a nice, friendly chat about whether it's desirable to increase the party limit without chucking around potentially emotive terms like "stupid" that can just lead us down pointless rabbit holes.

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