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my preferred solution: Split XP
And ... what exactly is it supposed to solve? O_o

Bcs during EA i tryed several times mod for 6-member party ... wich as we know keeps the ballance intact.
And thanks to that i was quite easily able to take down Githyanki patrol, or whole Grymforge (meaning Nere and Duergars), even on level 3. :-/
So ... pardon me if im not convinced that reaching "a level" a little later would solve ... well anything really. :-/
The "problem" of:
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Game balance isn't free, far from it. The more you add party members the harder it is for Larian to balance the game. I really don't see them achieving to balance the game correctly for both 4 and 6 as they are already struggling with 4.
Although in all honesty, there is no "problem." If a 6-person party is an option hidden under settings with a big flashing "NOT INTENDED EXPERIENCE" warning, then it's fine if it's not balanced.

But if I ever chose to play with that option, I'd enjoy it more if the game remained at least somewhat balanced instead of becoming trivial. Ideally the combo of less XP + harder difficulty mode would be sufficient for that.

And i'm not sure what mod you're talking about; how was this mod balanced? By definition, if you had an easier time with a 6-person party then it has failed keep the balance intact. Give out even less XP for larger parties!!!