Without wading through 100 pages of this, are people really suggesting that Larian include a basically untested option?

Many games have various gameplay options that can make it harder or easier, but I’d expect them all to to be fully tested to ensure each one gives the player the intended experience (even if the intended experience changes with the options). Flashing up a warning that it might turn out to be a bit shit is a possibility I guess, but doesn’t that seem a bit odd for a major release like this that’s had such an enormous amount of work put into it?

Having more party members would be a very tempting option for a lot of people, even with the game warning it’s “not the intended experience”. I’d be very tempted by it myself, unless I happened to know from reading these forums that they only did it to appease a bunch of old BG fans insisting they couldn’t enjoy the game without that option.

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