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About to pick up the game and start playing and have just been reading through stuff and watching videos. I don't play DnD so all the rules and mechanics will be new to me, although I am a lifelong RPG video gamer so I imagine I will be fine.

But the one thing that struck me as a began researching this is the sheer amount of builds and customization. It's endless. I just watched a 30 minute video with new subclasses. There is already a lot of classes. And subclasses. and now more subclasses. And they seem to be impactful not just for show or cosmetic. With so many types of builds and things to play around with , it seems a little sad to only be able to have 4 in a party.
You currently have 5 companions available in EA - thief, cleric, wizard, fighter and warlock. Pick the class you want to play then choose the 3 from the 5 which will best compliment that choice. Pick whichever subclass from those available (typically 2 or 3) that tickles your fancy.
You will reach level 5 in EA.

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