Certainly. There are few direct comparisons between RL and FR ethnicities. Grey skin is a natural complexion you can have in the realms as a human, and Thayans canonically have a yellow-jaundiced complexion. And those from Tethyr tend to have blue eyes in addition to darker complexions.

I do not believe that means Jaheria being portrayed with such a pale complexion is a particularly good look though. WoTC themsleves has made the comparison to certain ethnicities along the Southern Sword Coast (from which her and her husband hail) and RL ones. Making the woman paler than both her in-game portraits, what the sourcebooks suggest is typical for the folk of the region (which closely matches her portraits) and contrary to the real-life inspiration is unfortunate, and I don't know why they did it, considering everything else about her seems to match her BG 2 portrait pretty closely.

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