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Agreed! They need to swap the half elf and elven presets badly. Especially for male character presets.

I actually disagree with this, and think the male half elves look (mainly) a lore-friendly, attractive combination of elf and human, whereas the male elves look appropriately alien and elfy. Even the weird big-jawed one (which admittedly isn’t great) can look okay with the right hairstyle.

But I feel like I’ve probably already said that, if not in this thread then elsewhere!

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What kind of Elves are the Elves in Baldur's Gate 3. I don't mean culturally but rather in terms of in game designation. The Wood Elves seem like Sylvan Elves, but are the High Elves Moon Elves or Sun Elves. From what I recall from previous BG games we were treated as a Moon Elf by default.

We can make our high elves look like either. As of EA there’s nothing I’ve noticed that treats us specifically as either moon or sun elf (or any other sort of high elf), and given that it’s not something we can specify about our character at creation, it’s not something the game is likely to be able to respond to either. Unless, I guess, we get a dialogue choice at some point. But perhaps we’ll get to meet NPC elves at points of the game who are identifiably of one or other of the high elf types.

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