First version I installed was "Slackware" a long time ago. Was not a problem until it came time to get "X-Windows" working. Then you had to know the specifics of your Video Card and Monitor or you could fry a monitor very quickly if you ran too high frequency for the monitor. Now a days distos like "Suse, Redhat, Mandrake, etc" will step you thru it and will do almost all the configurations for you. But you still need to read every step like "Xan" said just to make sure not to make a mistake. Most of time you can download the distro fro free as a image file and then burn the image to a cd if you want it for free. But be warned that most images are huge (Mandrake I believe is 4 or 5 CDs with just about everything). Or you can buy the distos at places like "". Also a good Linux Book will definitly be a big help also!! Enjoy!

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