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@fylimar that 2nd pic is so good! And here I was sitting and thinking how she reminded me of someone...

You know? If she was a Human...I could easily say 'Wow...you just made the Exile from Kotor 2' laugh

As seen in this sketch which is the closest thing we have from how she really look (Something Swtor screw up, of course)

[Linked Image from static.tvtropes.org]

I'm not really a fan of making player characters canon, my Revan is an asian female and my exile is a blac kfemale and don't get me started on this Abdel guy, that poses as Gorions ward.
I like my halfling - it is face 1, which is eitehr new or reworked. And I think, they made the proportions of teh halflings better than in EA, especially the heads are now betters suited for the bodies, they were too big before.

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