So, here are my characters and their guardians. Bio is only for main character.

[Linked Image from] Tish'feinzareth (Minstrel-lover-obsessive)

Tish'feinzareth, and for friends - Tishka. She could not prove herself as a priestess, and after the destruction of her house, she found a place for herself in the ranks of Bregan D'aerthe. During one of the expeditions, she happened to visit the world above, and... decided not to go back, because outside there was everything that she could only dream of before - a huge world full of wonders and fascinating stories that she could turn into into ballads and songs, as well as many grateful listeners who valued her musical abilities more than her talent for magic.

Although the sun burned her eyes that were accustomed to darkness of the Underdark, her heart was warmed by the thought that she was no longer flawed, "iblith in the drow skin," as her relatives often called her. Yes, there were also those in the surface world who were biased towards her only because of her origin - but such little things could not spoil the incredible joy that she experienced every time she managed to become friends with another incredible creature and learn it's story.

[Linked Image from] Twilight, the architect of suffering.

Twilight remembers nothing but his name... and the feeling of indescribable delight at the moment of tearing the flesh of a still-living victim with his sharp claws. Without the blood flowing through his hands the world around him becomes gray, meaningless, disgusting. And only the screams of innocent victims can break through this veil of indifference... but only for a short time, after which the dullness returns again. Luckily, there are many, many more in the world whose flesh can be cut, trampled, torn apart! Perhaps a hundred can quench this thirst. Or a thousand? It doesn't matter as long as he can paint the world red, and if they will dare to resist - then the most sophisticated spells from the wizard's arsenal can be tested on them. How long can their bodies last before turning into a salad of flesh, blood, and rags? This is yet to be known!

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