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I really don't get the 4 party size, it's really sad and fun breaking.
The main issue is that you NEED a tank + a heal + you if you aren't you of the two mandatory (no I won't make mindfucking metabuilds).

I completed the game on tactician and i tell you this: you dont need tanks or healers. You need 2 martial classes with GWs, potions of speed and feats for GWs. Laezel as fighter and MC as paladin deleted every boss in 1-2 turns with obscene amount of damage you get from haste giving you full action.

Right now BG3 is way too easy with 4 characters in the party, you can nuke every encounter, just buy and use consumables.
This is actually very nice to hear, given my very strong preference for melee martial PCs and parties.

I'll still insist on using a mod to increase my party size to six, and I will play only on story mode, so that hopefully I can literally zip through the onerous TB combat.