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Magnificent Dethroc or just Dethroc for short, a half-orc barbarian/wizard. He’s got both brains AND brawns, and is determined to prove those who think half-orcs or barbarians are all dumb wrong. As his studies of magic has increased, and his interest in the school of evocation has been drawing him in, it has also affected his barbarian rage, triggering wild magic to occur when raging.

He was just in the library reading a book when the alarms went off. He ran outside to see what was going on, hearing all the screams. Before he could figure out what was happening, he was in a pod.

His hair is black, red and purple, and his eyes were one red and one purple at the start.

I didn’t think this character would work well, but I liked the idea of an intelligent barbarian. INT is always a dump stat when I play barbarians, and for many others from what I’ve seen too. So I wanted to try something very new (for me) and multiclass barbarian and wizard. I love it! I love this character so much more than I thought I would, so I even went and made a character sheet for his level 1, 3 and 5 on D&D Beyond, in case I ever get the chance to use him in a campaign or one-shot!

That is one of the coolest character concepts, I've read for a while

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