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Considering the fact that Elf PC's are from Baldur's Gate (Except Lolthsworn Drow who are from the Underdark) I am going to guess that the High Elf is a Moon Elf, who are more tolerant and cosmopolitan than Sun Elves (who most likely have all gone to the isle of Evermeet). Baldur's Gate is a rather tolerant and open city so you are most likely to find Elves who can live alongside the other races. Not that Sun Elves can't be as tolerant or open minded to other People, Moon Elves seem far more capable of intermingling in more human dominant societies like city states along the Sword Coast.

You can pick "moon" skin tones as an elf, but I don't find them to really fit the moon elf description. I had to tick show all colors and pick a Drow color to get the icy blue from the wiki description.

The faces should be more slender, and more angular, yes, but they apparently modeled them after people so go figure.