Dynamic height looks cool!

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Messing around with the Enlarge Reduce Deluxe Mod, to which I changed the scales :
I wanted different heights for my companions. so the elves are a tad shorter, and *imagining* a halfling in the middle, but she needs a bigger head tho, I wish there was a mod for that.

[Linked Image from i.ibb.co]

That cranium is almost the perfect size as far as I'm concerned, just the tiniest bit larger and we'd be set.

Legs I think might be a bit long there, though that could just be the foreshortening/stance. They should stop right about where her ankles are currently in the image above. Unless it's a catwalk or a fashion drawing, ratio for leg length to body should be at 1:1.

Described here, again following Loomis https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Body_proportions

In other words, for a fully idealized figure (8 heads tall, classic illustration) you want 4 heads crown to pelvis, and the legs another 4 (heads distance) from the pelvis to the floor.

That is already highly idealized. The conventions on this have been gendered for some time, probably about 200 years or more now, with longer legs for women deemed to be attractive so we tend to see some distortion/elongation there in commercial advertisement or comic books and the like ("legs for miles" I'm sure are all too familiar, I'm generally a fan hehe), but I don't think it should apply as markedly to the Halfling models as it does for the Humans/Elves and such.

Halflings should all stick to the 1:1 on that, which ought to be plenty for our purposes here. Many more players would choose to play the race as a Tav, I'm almost certain, if they looked more like that. Those Halflings would quickly become "beautiful" measured against similar standards as the Humans and the Elves and players would select them more readily, I'm convinced. They need more faces, as do all the races.

Thought experiment: If a new visualization was adopted for Halflings, more along those lines (smaller heads and such) how many of the Named Halfling NPCs would stand out?

Right now I think Arron and Roah would be the most notable, since they're sort of the first we meet, they set the standard. I think it'd be tough to change them too much, but I think they could rescale a bit maybe and it could still work.

I was surprised we didn't see anything on this front. No Gullykin action. I've yet to play a Halfling in BG3. They really don't do anything for me the way they look right now. I feel like Larian should do an expansion to get us more stuff for Dwarves and Halflings. Their Gnomes are pretty great! I like all the Gnomes, but again, no companion there either. Different subject, but right now all the shorties need more love.

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