NOBODY is saying to get rid of the narrator. NOBODY is saying she is awful.

We are asking for OPTIONS to either turn off or MUTE the Narrator for immersion sake for some players. And believe it or not, some people actually likes to read.
Something totally lacking in this game. And it is actually getting worst.

A simple volume slider would take 1/100th the time to implement than this half baked mirror content.

Why is this bothering everyone? (I think it's the title of this thread that is a bit to harsh).

I guess we need a MOD for that too??

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It just reminded me of the bowl of goat's milk that old Winthrop used to put outside his door every evening for the dust demons. He said the dust demons could never resist goat's milk, and that they would always drink themselves into a stupor and then be too tired to enter his room..