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I was delighted with the earlier builds of the game--prior to the latest patches--in which the game narrator could either be heard or be muted entirely, which I found to be the superior option--the ideal way to approach it. By far. The narrator's voice is for me a huge distraction and a break in the immersion of the game. Her voice and diction are fine, and my objection has nothing to do with the quality of the narration at all.

The problem with the narrator voiced with no option to mute is that the voice, her voice, belongs to no one in this game--at least so far. The voice does belong, however, to a voice actress who provided very nice voice acting characterizations in the earlier D:OS games, but not in BG3. Accordingly, hearing this voice pop up from nowhere from a character who does not exist in the game is very, very disconcerting. It's almost like being doused with ice water, rudely...;)

So, please, return the narrator's audio thread in the game to player control, allowing the player to adjust the volume of the narration, or mute it entirely, if desired! I find the game flows much more smoothly when narration is absent audibly, and we see only the subtitle text for narration. Not hearing it is a blessing...;)

[You guys had it exactly right the first time--and if it ain't broke, don't fix!]

This game is really shaping up!

I am biased because I love Milly Tyler and listen to her Twitch channel while she and Jay play Bg3. I also think she has been an incredibly good choice as narrator as she brings a more serious tone to this game.

However, that's not unreasonable to ask for a mute for the narrator. I assume you still want to see the text on the screen because she does indeed convey important information.