Yu are not wrong.. that is indeed true..
if yu have a Bigger Party even the Hard Mode of this Game will become a Walk in the Park. xD
(and they would Decrease the amount of Game Time yu can Get too.. becouse if yu can bring all companions its useless playing a lot of times the game for most of casual Players.)
But one Thing that i Didant Like its the Open Spaces yu get at your Camp when yu dont Bring all Origin companions.. i always felt this Weird as F.
they Could do something about it.. and when yu Play as Tav yu are the Only One that dosent Have your Tend.. another weird thing.. so yu get to sleep in the floor the entire game.. great.haha

They will never increase the Party size in this Game untill they Gave us another Higher Difficult or something like a Hardcore mode.. when yu Die is Game Over. then a Bigger Party will have a Reason.
(like in Table Top that yu can Have a 20 Party members but evrybody dies in the First battle.. yeah Table Top can be Brutal.haha)

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