Well i actually already posted in this Same Post Before..
But 1 think i always felt is this..
IF they Increase the Party Size will Broke the Game and Make it Super easy even in Hard difficult.. no Joke.

I Played two runs Solo in the HardMode of this Game before the New Honnor..
(BTW i already started my Solo Honor Mode.)

And Before the New Mode was Super easy even Solo..
If yu went like a Palock,Sorlock yu will Brake the Game easy.
its SUPER UPER DUPPER STRONG these combinations..
dont beleave in me ?! after 1400 hrs played i can tell yu that.. Trust in what i Say, These Combo Classes are Broken. yu become a Demigod.

And Many times During the Game at least 4,5 times yu Get a Party of 5 and made the game a Cake walk when i had a 5 man Party..
Like storming the Castle with Jaheira in act 2, the final Battle with Emperor or the Comet Gith, Halsin in act 1 yu can make hin Follow yu when yu Gank the goblin Camp and so On..
Many, Many Times the game gave yu a 5 men Party and made the game easy..
Thats Why i always Felt that they will Never increase the Party..
Another Reason its for Replay of the Game..
They Made this way to Force yu to Make More then 1 run to test all party and companions becouse in 1 run yu will never be able to actually See evrything they Have as Content..
(and in my opinion the Only Mistake they Made was.. to Make a Camping when yu could bring all of then.. if they Made a Camp Cell when yu could Only Bring 4.. this conversation would never even exist get it ?!)

Was a Mistake in the Game designe in my opinion..
If they never wanted for us to Have More then 4 Member Party.. there was no Need for a Camp when yu could Bring 6 companions..
(this only Gave People Hope and Made this Kind of Topic Pop Up.. haha)

If yu dont Beleave in me.. Just Download the No Party Limit and Gave a Try on the Hard difficult..
yu will lought on How easy it is the Game with a Bigger Party.

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