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The authors have acknowledged that he's a disadvantage because he's at the grove and by that time you've become attached to your existing party.

And yet, Karlach is extremely popular and she's after the grove.

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Wyll is also a disadvantage because Warlock is a decent class for a Tav but is weak class in terms of DPS and party support.

Uhh what?

Warlock is great DPS thanks to getting CHR modifier on Eldritch Blast at level 2 (Compared to Sorc's not getting it until level 6 for their Cantrip and EvoWiz doesn't get it until level 10). Eldritch Blast also applies that CHR modifier on every beam so by level 5 you're easily getting 2d10+8. Toss in that easy to get robe in Act 2 which also applies CHR modifier to Cantrips and Eldritch Blast is doing 2d10+16 damage (Or maybe if you've gone and got 20 CHR 2d10+20) then at level 10 you get your 3d10+30. On a cantrip.

On top of that damage, you can also get your Cloud of Daggers/Wall of Fire going to melt through things (With Repelling Blast you can knock anyone who escapes their area back in too).

As for party support, Hunger of Hadar is amazing area control. You still get your Counterspell for those key spells, Command for all sorts of ridiculous shenanigans and Hold Person for the standard go-to CC.

Warlock is simply a great class in BG3. It's only downside is it's quite boring because of how absurdly good it is to just spam Eldritch Blast all day (Makes going things like Pact of the Blade feel terrible when 99.99% of the time it's better to just Eldritch Blast than swing your Pact weapon)

Wyll is simply disadvantaged because he's Wyll. Having up to 6 characters in your party won't make him any less Wyll.