Funny Thing..
The Problem with Wyll Char in my opinion is this..
He is a Cartoon Hero in a Game when Evrybody is a Misfit..
a Cleric of Shar, a Thief Vampire, a Cursed Wizard and a Gith Fighter.

He is out of Place..
BTW karlach sux too.. i dont understand why people like her..
I Bet its becouse its super easy to Lay down with Her same as Halsin.
Becouse she has nothing interesting in her character Really Nothing...haha
(BTW even her coments and Lines Sux and piss me off..haha)

But the Fact is.. if they Increase the Party Size.. this game will Broke Super Hard.
Game is already Super Easy with 4 man Party and in the Few Times yu Get 5 man the game just Broke.
So There Mistake was Allowing People to Have all 6,7 companions in Camp at Once..
If they Made a Camp With Only 4 man party..
This Topic would never even be a Thing.

Instead of giving all of then Places in the Camp they should Make a Camp with only 3 companions and 1 tent for Withers and Your Tav/Durge..
This way would Make people Play the Game at least 2,3 times to See all Origins.
Im not a Game designer or nothing LIke that.. But this was a Mistake..
becouse yu Gave People Hope for a Bigger Party.. Get it ?!
thats the Mistake..

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