Really ?!
For me its anoying having to Switch characters to see there stupid quests..
and worst of all having to tolarate a Bunch of quests and conversations with characters that i dont Care..haha

Nowadays Gale always stay in the Stone, Karlach i always Take her Head off for the Sword, Wyll i never even Talk i just Let hin Training the Kids and when i Kill Karlach he vanish from the Game and Halsin i always Left hin in the Shadowcurse or let the Goblins Kill Hin becouse he is Useless and i cant Save the Shadowcurse without having to tolarete hin Trying to lay down with me for the rest of the Game when i already refused 300 times. haha
Jesus i cant..

Its Anoying Having so Much people in Camp For Real.
BTW the camp get Super Ugly Too with so Many Open Spaces and i will not Bring those Losers just to fill up the open places. comoon.. i cant anymore..

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