Well i already beated this game more then 20 times and i already Tried all of then as party compositions in many different Ways..
and like i Said Before..
The only Ones i Trully enjoy and Like were Shadow, Astarion, Lae'zel, Minthi.. the Rest its just came along for the Party..
Never care or Liked any of then..
And after Trying the First Time Never Again.

Thats why i always Felt that The Larger Camp was a Mistake.. like i told in my Post..
If they Never wanted a Bigger Party this was a Mistake..
Becouse Gave People Hope.
In other BG games yu could Have 6 man..
Having a Bunch of Companions Made Sense..
Here its Useless.. its just for people say that has Variety..
and BTW some of then Get a Poor Quest Line i bet becouse of that..
Becouse has Tooo Many companions for no Reason..

Like Wyll dosent have nothing going for hin, Gale, Halsin, Karlach..
All of then have a Shallow quest and incomplete stuff.. making useless and anoying briging then..
and thats why has a Bunch of Posts of people Pissed of becouse of that and wanting more from those characters..
Thats the Problem..
Less is More Larian..
If they Stick with only the 6 on the Cover i bet all of then would Have a Great Tale..
If Halsin were a NPC only and Karlach, Minthi would Have been Playble in Both sides of the Tale from the Get Go
and we would Have Balance becouse 2 Druids in Hero Path its Stupid.. sorry.
Yu dont Need Halsin becouse yu can Have Jaheira witch is a Much more stronger Druid.
And i can even Point More reasons for WHY having so many companions Sux. haha

1 Game that Made this Ok at Least was Dragon Age inquistion..
In that Game having all of then would Make your Inquistion Stronger.. Here thats not the Case.
Since yu Cant Bring all of then its Useless.
and Increasing the Party size like i Told Before.. its Double Down on the Mistake..

If yu Dont Belave in Me.. Give a Try with the Mod and Play in the Harder Difficult..
With 5,6 party Members yu will blaze tru the Game no Joke.

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