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In return, some of these Void-touched humans have mystical powers which allow them to change reality, but they can accidentally call the chaotic forces of the Void if they botch, creating all sorts of random, often dangerous collateral effects. That’s why I made Anshar a Wild Magic sorcerer laugh.

Originally, Anshar had pointed ears and three glowing eyes, but I couldn’t give them a third, vertical eye on his forehead. I also wasn't able to make their eyes glow, so I applied some makeup to give that impression. As for the pointy ears, I didn't want to make them a half-elf or tiefling, since Anshar is essentially just a weird-looking human - well, they are immortal and have three eyes, which gives them a better depth perception and a marginal bonus to Perception checks that only apply to sight, but I didn't think that justified making them anything but a human.

This reminds me of my current tabletop character, who's a wild magic sorcerer just trying to learn his powers. I think about the first levelled spell he cast he exploded and TPK'd us all. The GM decided to undo that so I put it in his backstory as a nightmare.

From your description I'd have been tempted to go with a half-elf for the pointy ears and improved sight (OK, darkvision), but of course it's your game and if you like it that way, enjoy hehe