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This is Myrna Brandybuck, halfling bard. No mods. She's a natural musician, but quite socially awkward and never plucked up the courage to ask to join an adventuring party until she was forced into one. She probably wondered why far more experienced people were looking to her for directions, but Shadowheart and Laezel hate each other so I guess they looked to a neutral figure with a massive charisma score.

She gradually became used to being a hero and grew out of her shell. She feels particularly protective of the other small people, so she was determined to save all of the gnomes. One of my favourite moments for this was in Grymforge:
the True Soul shoved one of the slaves into the magma, so Myrna immediately replied with "In your epitaph I'm going to call you a Twat-Soul!" Took me so many goes not to TPK in that fight, but damn I loved the smart-arse rage grin

Gameplay-wise, she's a lore bard (straight class) specialising in battlefield support, utility spells, exploration/stealth and of course social interactions. Lore bard = so many proficiencies.

Hanging out on the roof with her friend Alfira
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Getting crowded by guards
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As a halfling fan, I would live to see your character, sadly the pics aren't showing.

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