This reminds me of my current tabletop character, who's a wild magic sorcerer just trying to learn his powers. I think about the first levelled spell he cast he exploded and TPK'd us all. The GM decided to undo that so I put it in his backstory as a nightmare.

From your description I'd have been tempted to go with a half-elf for the pointy ears and improved sight (OK, darkvision), but of course it's your game and if you like it that way, enjoy hehe

Thanks for your insight! Yes, I considered making Anshar a half-elf too; the problem is half-elves gain a lot of racial traits (Advantage against Charmed and immunity to Sleep, plus all the subracial stuff) that my character shouldn’t have. Also, Anshar is a healer mystic, knowledgeable in anatomy and medicine, but I can’t pick the Medicine skill if I don’t make them a human. Besides, I think being referred to as a half-elf during the game, or having specific elven dialogue options, would feel weird.

The thing is, in the game Anshar originally comes from (Black Void, in case anyone is interested), all characters are human. However, you can buy a Background trait to be “Voidmarked” (touched by that odd, chaotic, and “Lovecraftian” dimension), which alters your appearance in purely cosmetic ways and gives you the option – not the obligation – to acquire a couple “Esoteric Attributes” (immortal, multiple eyes/heads, reincarnation, shapeshifter, and many, many more) that are unique to your character and mechanically impact the gameplay. In addition to that, being Voidmarked is the only way a character can learn and do magic, which is the case of Anshar and their Elemental and Void (chaos/fate/space) mastery.

All things considered, I think I’ll go with an oddly-coloured human, with a high-ish Wisdom to reflect their small bonus to visual Perception, and I’ll roleplay the “Voidmarked” thing by just being a Wild Magic sorcerer smile.

By the way, TPK'ing your party because of a Wild Magic backfire sounds fun and traumatising as all hell. No wonder your character has PTSD after that XD.

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