I retried the manual install, this time copying certain problem RAR archives to my C: drive temp folder and unraring from there. I didn't get any CRC errors this time, though I am not sure that I didn't "cheat" the process, as opposed to bypassing the errors, or whether it will work. I certainly hope so.

However, when I try to run the game this time, I get the message that I am missing FMOD.DLL. Could someone send this to me? Any thoughts?

I must admit that I messed up the manual install somewhat, though I am not sure this is the problem. Initially, I skipped the cancel installation at 1% step. I cancelled immediately and went straight to the unraring. I ended up saving all my work in "Divine Divinity1," installing to 1% after all my work was complete, and then copying the files over. I also had to delete my regedit file several times since I messed up the pathing edits. I eventually edited it correctly, but ended up correcting this error AFTER everything else was done. This also meant that I patched several times over, though the patch did seem to work successfully.

I hope that this does not mean that I have to start unraring all over again. It takes a fair amount of time and work.

Any ideas?


P.S. On a totally different note, I was somewhat confused by the copying of the static folder over to C:\Program Files\Divine Divinity\Run (Game Disk). Unlike Localization, there already were several Static folders. So, what I did was copy the files in the static folder on the Game Disk INTO the static folder that already contained "heroes" and "imagelists" — is this correct?