My opinion:
Well, no Amen, no respect and no seconding to Dad's mail: It was arrogant, rude and counter productive IMO. You had valid points in there DAD, I don't criticise them - but I criticise your tone highly, it was unnecessary, the developer was willing to help us. I doubt the admin to whom you directed both of your posted mails had these open ears and willingness.

I'm glad the developer Tomas Skoie was able to listen to statistics (16th, 17th, 18th) and suggestions(15th, 18th) presented here by the community on the 6th of August and forwarded to him.

In my humble opinion, I told the truth and I was being honest. If you consider all honesty to be rudeness Kiya then here is some more rudeness from me. I honestly believe that it is seriously rude to consider honesty and fair advice as rudeness. The general case here is called patronising where you play the role of a headmistress of a kindergarten and you may torture honest children by telling them that they are rude for being frank. Of course you can try to patronise me all you want if that gives you any satisfaction, but I am not going to be passive and polite against insolent remarks such as those that you have made.
When you compare a Mercedes with a Fiat and come out with a conclusion that the Mercedes is arrogant then your dictionary equates arrogant with elite. This makes me very proud of being arrogant; at least I have worked so hard to gain the knowledge and status that allows me to be arrogant rightfully.

As for counterproductive, I better leave that judgement to others who can see that my logical argument represented the sentiments of the majority on this forum. I am really happy for you that you believe that logging the downvoting pressured the moderators to delete all votes and start from scratch. However I am not a dreamer like you. I had to convince them by logic why they should delete this circus and reconstruct polls in a different way. I gave mature reasons explaining why rating a game is not the same as wanting a game. I did learn from logging the down votes that they shall not trigger SPAM filters and would never cause any change to the policy.
I encouraged the members here to send complains to raise the voices to reach the ears that it is not a problem of one person or two but rather more. If you feel that your leadership is being shaken for any reason then know very well that this is my last post on votes, and I shall leave voting for you to enjoy alone.

I noticed that you were opposing me at every corner on this subject whether I headed north or south, east or west and if I fail to gain your friendship then I believe that I have nothing to lose. I also think that I shall leave it at this to avoid disturbing other posters who may clearly see that you are really helpful to new members and very kindly devoting time and energy as a fan of Divine Divinity. I never meant to challenge your leadership or to shake your ego and here we split ways.

Whatever you think and however you respond, I shall not be passive and silent when anyone accuse me of being rude. Yes I am arrogant for a very good reason and I hope you can see it. If you cannot see it then that is your problem. However, I am far from being a rude person, and all people who know me think that I am very friendly and nice and considerate including you before this voting nocando.

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