@ Kiya and DAD

You both handled this situation in different ways and because of that the site administrators took notice, listened, looked at the problem and made a decision.
This was a team effort, even though you both took on the problem with different strategies and I thank you BOTH for all the work involed in doing this.

Hi GoldyLocks,
I do not know how many people E-mailed them but I know that Lockmar did.
As you said, the critical issue here is that it was teamwork and every effort was certainly appreciated.
It was never an issue of Kiya, Lockmar or me as much as it was the impact of the teamwork.
I never complained from other styles being sissy, feeble, shy and loaded with inferiority complex for example because I believe in the freedom of style as well as the freedom of speech.

I do have objection regarding being criticized for my strong tone because I am not anybodyís clone.
While Kiya might see me as rude, I am more than certain that there are others who regard my E-mail to have served them well for all the trouble they caused us and the time and votes wasted.

Perhaps it was not their intentional evil manipulation of the votes but rather their ignorance that left a door open for abusers to irritate us.

Is a physician rude to tell a patient of his illness that demands immediate surgery?
Is a professor rude to tell his student to hold his horses because ignorance has no cure else than learning and gaining experience?

Why should anyone deny me my high status if I do have one?
I see it as ridiculous at best.

Kindest regards.

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