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Reactions and Level 5 confirmed! Baldur's Gate III - General 14/12/22 08:01 PM
Which party members will you bring along on your first playthrough? (Includes datamined companions) Baldur's Gate III - General 19/11/22 10:45 PM
Preference poll: Automatic Reactions or Prompt Reactions? Baldur's Gate III - General 07/08/22 06:23 AM
Reaction prompts, but with detailed options to automate them Baldur's Gate III - Suggestions & Feedback 23/07/22 04:52 AM
Quality of life suggestion for Supplies and Long Rests Baldur's Gate III - Suggestions & Feedback 19/07/22 02:13 AM
Early game list of buried treasure chests Baldur's Gate III - General 10/07/22 06:48 PM
Reworking former reaction abilities to fit into BG3 Baldur's Gate III - General 07/07/22 08:26 PM
Tales from the tabletop (or, what tactics have you seen in tabletop that might be reflected in BG3?) Baldur's Gate III - General 30/05/21 09:55 AM
Companions could have more dialogue while traveling or during combat in general. Baldur's Gate III - Suggestions & Feedback 27/05/21 11:34 PM
How should a series of community polls be structured for the purpose of gauging community feedback? Baldur's Gate III - General 16/04/21 02:43 AM
Let's predict how certain class features are going to be altered for BG3 Baldur's Gate III - General 28/02/21 11:36 PM
Programming is hard, guys. Saying 'the devs are lazy' helps no one. Baldur's Gate III - General 25/02/21 05:06 AM
To this game's credit, there are plenty of things it does right too. Baldur's Gate III - General 21/02/21 08:47 AM
A discussion on how the game's current combat mechanics design heavily restricts tactical options Baldur's Gate III - Suggestions & Feedback 19/02/21 12:16 AM
The patch adjusted the frequency of damage taken from fire surfaces not mentioned in the patch notes Baldur's Gate III - Suggestions & Feedback 06/12/20 07:57 PM
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