in the threads there are 2 new problems indicated by a couple of users regarding the crystal bag and the necromancer fight. both involve crash to desktop.

have these been detected yet on your end? if so, when can we anticipate a patch to correct these issues?

i just installed 1.45, forced to do so because of the "new items lose their properties" bug. i really hope those are freak occurrences that don't upset my game, and not problems caused by 1.45 patch.


well, i'm happy to note that i installed 1.45 and did NOT have the crystal bag crash to desktop problem. i haven't reached the necromancer fight yet, so i'm waiting with baited breath on that one. however, i am wondering if the issue Arianna is having is display hardware and/or resolution related.

On another note:

WAH!!!!!!! my arrow goldmine is gone!!!!! i had over a thousand power arrows @ 119 gold per arrow (pre patch 1.45) and I was going to cash them in at the magic merchant when i got back from battlefields, as I had done with previous bunches of the magical and enchanted arrow types.

.:heh:. however, I am grateful that the summoning doll inventory/frozen stat problem is finally fixed, and the issue with the new items losing stats is also fixed.

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