...to wit, I can enter one of the battle fields, but I can't get back out!. WHen I try to go back out the entrance to sell things, I click on the entrance and my mini map shows me as being out of the dungeon, but I am still in it, according to my main screen, and not only that I am frozen - the screen is kind of greyed out and I can't se my character any more. I've tried several battlefields in different areas with the same result.

I am playing the patched version.

This game sure is buggy!

{edit} I've figured what's doing this. It's the absolutely horrific load times between areas - up to ten minutes (no kidding)! This didn't happen in the game (thank god, or I would have given up a long time ago). Any time I use a portal or try to exit one of the dungeons, I have to wait and wait and wait and wait...it's just taken over three minutes to load the game after going through one of the portals.

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