Hand of Fate

Hey everyone!

I love being a part of the Early Access on Divinity: Original Sin and be a part of the team by giving feedback and reporting bugs. Though there is another great company that are really supportive for their players and listening to players suggestions and feedback!

These developers are Defiant Development!

If anyone here have no clue who are they here is a kick starter which I may think most of you'll will like: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/defiant/hand-of-fate-a-card-game-that-comes-to-life

It's a card based game with action RPG combat elements to it. The card system is very much well put together as it stands out a awesome RPG!. The game is called Hand of Fate!

Where can you buy the game? http://defiantdev.com/handoffate.php - You can buy with Pay Pal to receive a code for steam to play very early, instead of waiting for the Early Acces on Steam that is coming very soon in weeks time!

I've also talked to them personally about the support I gave them here: http://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filed...tscn=1402627519

They really appreciate my feedback and some I suggested has been fixed and have been noted.

So please support them and this is one of the developers that should also get noticed!

- Tex