I reloaded a lot (more than ever before) and I've seen some "really cool" tips from the game developers ... I know you've all probably seen those , but damn, I couldn't believe my eyes, I'm still laughing:

1. You should kill Otho's pigs. He really likes it. And don't forget there are two of them! (very useful tip and really worth seeing!)
2. Experiment with the teleporter stones once you've acquired them. Try leaving one close to a bed...(you just have to try this!...hehe )
3. Don't use pirated copies of this game. If you do, your computer might blow up!!! (for this I'm not sure, because I'm really afraid of trying... , but seriously, you've been warned )


...Carry on, into the horizon, wielding courage, staff in hand, journey through the shadows and dreams and what lies beyond the guardian's keep...