Hello everyone.

I've been trying to translate some mods for a while now (from english to spanish) as a way to do a favor to a friend, without the intention of uploading it to mod pages.
So far I managed to extract the mod files using GR2/LSLib and edit the skill descriptions through Notepad++ (the mod I'm editing is Odinblade's Pyrokinetic rework). The issue comes when it's time to pack it up again. GR2 doesn't seem to be able to make a PAK for DefEd by itself, and while I read that you can edit the meta.lsx to "force" it, I haven't been lucky. I also have the Divine Engine 2, but I can't even open the mod project and even then, it seems the stats folder can't even be accessed? or maybe I'm reading this wrong.

Anyway, all I really wanna know is a way to re-pack everything again so the game can read the mod or an easier way to edit the text. Whatever gets the job done, honestly.
Thanks for the help.