I've given in.
Was watching Elverils to check if a native port was likely, didn't look so.
Bought OS2 at the steam summer bargain for windows to play it using proton short of any support.
Bought OS1 at a bargain for Linux since I didn't know what to expect, was shy and had
Thank you, felt bad about the discount afterwards.
So what's this post about, anyway?
Brainstorming about the future of Linux games ports.
Hearing from other companies, Linux game sales are declining so ports are becoming more risky.
Kickstarting a Linux port might be a possibility to raise funds to have financial security?
Cons might be extensive administrartion, meaning additional costs.
An alternative might be the platforms for re-emission of board games. Fixed needed orders, little administration costs.

What's in it for your company?
- check your source, check your platform. If you can streamline porting it to Linux, you can easily port it to any other system.
- check the reliability your financial forecast(er)s. For financial sustainability, you should be able to put a price tag on everything you do and earn money with it.