Guys guys guys why oh why have you absolutely ruined this game, it used to be a turn based game when mobs had their turn limits too but I have recently done three honour runs and died each time to mobs having more than one go when they haven't skipped a turn.. I understand that they can also get another turn when they have skipped a go but it is getting ridiculous now..I just faced Mother Dearest getting three, yes three goes in a row to annihilate me whilst playing wizard despite me having bone shield x 1062 and fortitude 562, and this is also after I have pickpocketed her for any potions or bonuses she had on her..There is no excuse for this as she came from inside her hut to across the map near the alchemist then had two turns in a row leaving no room for survival..Do not give me excuses like i should not play Honour mode or this is what I should expect etc as I have over a thousand hours play time as I love the game that much but for some reason lately it has been acting up, especially when I have bloodrose potion on..If it takes redesign etc so be it I paid for a game I like and for some reason lately it has been acting up badly as somebody on your team has messed up. Seleniumcodec from steam for confirmation of play time and achieves.