Do you know what I miss for many years?

A true fantasy RPG of old days.

Nowadays we always have a lot of political stuff with onboard. Intrigues and human conflicts.

It would be really nice, if you could let it stay that way and it's only included as a marginal phenomenon. Should two so-called rulers get their hands on the fight over the border and give us a message for the adversary ..ok ..
But that's why our world as an adventurer should not turn.
She should be fantastic nature. Idyllic fairy landscapes where the sun always shines and dark, sinister dark forests, where the marauding werewolves accumulate everything at night through the woods bad .. Would be a great thing if you could become one yourself and deny the game as a cunning wild wolf.

Of course it should not be a cheesy world. Ok the fairies zone can be cute, but the charcoal forest rough and not cartoon for 7 year old. A serious but stirring real fantasy adventure, which does not exaggerate, but has just the right spice..

By the way, I think it would be nice if, for example, you do not take the group members so easily into the group, but they are more of an independent being and then join us when we have a task erlerdigt.

You should then offer your own class or at most the choice between 2 classes and thus simply offer more depth. They should be integrated in the world distributed and offer the option to be able to be taken.

Let's take Gratiana from DOS 2. How cool would it have been if you could have taken her into the group as if we were talking about Nekromancer or Frost Mage, after you gave her her own Soul Jar and won her trust? Such a character would also feel valued and exciting as a true group member. It's also a lot of fun to meet his potential group members in this way. Not with a hint, you can take it with you, but out of the game interesting and exciting characters.

That's where we come to development. I find it far weaker from the RPG feeling, if there are no restrictions in terms of character development.
Sure, it's a great thing to have something else for combinations. But it's fun if you just can not be everything, but specializes and other ways can not go. In addition, I really appreciate solid classes, because you can follow a path there.

Who remembers Might and Magic 7? It was just very motivating to look for his solid class with plenty of variety and then nice classstories and quests to specialize and especially good or bad with color UI customization? Then having certain zones that you could enter as a friend or foe and find teachers and unique backgrounds, quests and, in the end, depth.

It did not seem like it was set up either. It combined the main story with side story and tasks around his class.

Please make again such real fantasy RPGs. Not everything about politics .. I want to find wonderful places. Far away from the civilizations I struggle hard and take care of my resources. Thereby magical crypts visit in some abandoned pyramid structure. I like to climb high citadels in frosty zones far away from the nearest settlement, exciting and mysterious ..
I want to have zones that you do not just enter, but first have to go through a maze of dangers and a raging damned Minotaur whose job is to hunt down and destroy anyone who enters his realm and escapes better than to defeat him .. because he rises again and again, should he be killed after a hard fight, ambassador of the gods who have used him as a guard, as punishment for his misdeeds as a living.

Thank you for reading..

Oh, and I've translated the text with Google, because I rather have weaknesses with the English language .. Hope it is halfway understandable.