Hey guys, I've scoured the internet, forums, everywhere else I could think of for this issue and either no one else has had it or I am not typing the correct words in due to nomenclature I am unfamiliar with.

Anyways, I have a skill that adds a Firebrand-like effect to my character. Everything is set up correctly and the buff applies. The strange thing is, I can't get the display name for the buff (the one that appears in the upper left hand corner of the play screen right by the character portrait) to display the correct title of the buff, regardless of what I do. I have changed the Display name CONSUME in the text string editor, I have the correct display name set in the Status_CONSUME stats screen. I have looked up firebrand and basically copied everything it does and I cannot find the issue. No matter what I change, it displays Stats_(Name) which is the Potion name under that stats-potion screen in the stats editor and there doesn't appear to be a display name tab on that screen.

Does anyone know what I am talking about or has run into this issue before?