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GM should be able to:
Add/remove monters/traps
Control monsters
Add buffs/debuffs to parties/monsters
Edit monsters (add abilities, stats, levels, XP, drop table, etc)
Add remove path blockers (eg a wall that dissapears when quest progress is made).
Create on the fly dialogue with NPCs.
Place loot

That would the most basic things the GM mode MUST be able to do, I completely agree.
However it's also the most basic and potentially uninteresting way of playing a RPG - well in my opinion. The dreaded Door-monster-treasure type of game. It would also kinda limit the options for a more enterprising GM with more enterprising players.

I agree that full editing on-the-fly of modules sound a bit too complex, and no human player could possibly be fast enough to do that. However I still stick to the "pre-made assets" function, so that a GM can add new premade rooms on the fly if their players turn out to be innovative.

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