You can summon a doll, load it up with stuff to sell later and unsummon it (resummon before trading). The act 1 doll can equip a crossbow (the only one that can use a ranged weapon), so it doesn't even matter if it becomes over encumbered, and can not move. It is handy to have one doll that can move though, to set off proximity based traps (dolls can not open trapped containers, or use stairs, etc).

The DK doesn't need strength for equipment requirements (armour class based on level), so can make a good bow archer (focus more on agility and speed). I played a DK warrior, though, with a hero crossbow user for most of the time after the first act (switched back to a bow quite late in the game), and didn't have any trouble different tactics or equipment upgrades couldn't help with.
Actually, I started in the disk version when special arrows weren't as easy to come by, so ended up hoarding them. Playing again, I would switch to using power arrows much sooner (splitting arrows are quite useful in certain situations, especially if you can set up a crossfire with the act 1 doll against groups of opponents in confined quarters, but I didn't bother swapping other arrows to match opponents' weaknesses).