About Campaigns and DMing:
I'm concerned about 3 more things I just found out today:
1)In a Custom Campaign, as a player, You can't create a new character if the previous one dies (Maybe you run a campaign with no resurrection scrolls or something, or you grow tired of one and want to try a new one and keep playing the campaign with your friends) So the GM has to be able to modify a character with the player's permission, I'm told that that would be possible...almost. Because he can't change the race, so, or we give that power to the GM, or we allow re-roll in a started custom campaign, which takes me to
2) That being said, in the main campaign, you can't start to create a character and play when the campaign has already started in a multiplayer game, and you have to control a henchman, let's say that Fred,Bob, and George have been playing for 2 months George's Epic Campaign, but then Mike buys D:OS2 and wants in (like in their pen-and-paper sessions) but...can he? They are long past the starting point, map, and level and George has been expanding and changing it. How can he create a character when they have past gone the starting point? Or lets say one of the group leaves, is the new person that replaces him forced to play with the other guy's character since he isn't able to create one of their own?
And finally 3) I'm concerned about changing a campaign that is in progress, how do you add new scenes that you created after starting the campaign in the editor without having to create an entire new one? Does that mean we have to create ALL the levels and locations for a months(or years) long campaign beforehand? We need an option to modifiy an ongoing campaign. Also, when a campaign is over, or another person of the group wants to try GMing, but the guys obviously want to use their remaining and alive heroes to live more adventures with them, how about an option to save,load,import,and export characters?